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The Ranch Fly Trap 2.0 - Trap & Bait Bundles

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The Ranch Fly Trap 2.0 - Trap & Bait Bundles.

Get your animals and your property set for summer with value-packed bundles full of enough traps and bait to take down swarms of flies.

Customer Reviews

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Nancy B
Very Effective

I have two horses so I bought two traps and placed one outside of each stall. At first it was a struggle because both of the plastic bags leaked, but when I notified customer service they immediately sent out two more bags including bait. No questions asked! So I would suggest that quality control might think about a stronger bag. Other than that, the traps work great, are full of flies, and the horses are comfortable. So kudos to customer service and a good product!

Wade Little
Not Exactly What I Hoped For

I don't know if my first review was published because it was very negative. I received several faulty bags that tore open when the water was added. Fortunately, Customer Service was quick to replace the bags and bait.

I have hung up the 8 traps at different times and in a few of the traps I added cat food. Of all the bags and bait variations that I have tried, so far, one trap has worked really well. The other traps have been a frustrating disappointment. These are traps that have been placed in the fields where our horses and goats hang out. The horses have flies on them but only a handful in the traps.

Now with the weather cooling down, the flies are less of a problem. Maybe next summer more of the traps will work like the first one did. I hope so.

William Ruckman

The Ranch Fly Trap 2.0 - Trap & Bait Bundles

Great company

Great company to deal with! Quick with a response to my email and quick to trouble shoot with me! Traps are great too

Lisa Thorpe
Didn’t collect many flies

We’ve had it up for about 10 days and have only collected about 20 flies. Kind of disappointed.