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FLY BAIT - 5 Pack

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5 packs of our incredibly effective fly attracting formula.

Customer Reviews

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Arnold Veldhuizen

FLY BAIT - 5 Pack

Manette Metcalf
Trap and bait

I have both the new and old style traps. I have been having better luck with the old style fly trap, although it often spills and has to be replaced. For some reason the newer style does not catch as many flies. I also have been trying different locations and baits. Your bait worked well on one trap in the beginning of the summer, but the same placement did not catch many flies later. I switched the bait on one old style trap out to Rescue pop fly trap bait, and within a few hours had hundreds of flies. By the end of the day it looked like one of your commercials. I will continue to use the traps in future years, but will probably try a variety of baits. Thank you.

Kirby Drennan
Ranch fly trap

Barrel traps work well if placed low enough. Hard to find that place near animals.. Net and bag design can not be place anywhere low where chickens can see the flies in the bag. One peck and all fluid runs out.

Beth Lewis
Nice product

I have had them up for about 20 days. Some work excellent in their locations, others do not even with flies gathering around them. We had a strong rainstorm which made them over fill, and get too heavy and fall… that was disappointing. I don’t think I have gotten a huge amount of flies but they work good for the big fat maggot flies, not so much for stable flies. I have them various locations, all at the right height. I’m not sure the bait is all that great, as my sticky traps seem to work a little better in some areas than other.

Lauren Malchione
Did not even take 24 hours

I got this for our chickens and trash can area. Had two flies within 10mins in one trap and was swarmed trying to hang the other. Very easy to instal and even the video to follow was quick. Will for sure keep using this!