Barrel Fly Trap Bundles


FLY BAIT - 5 Pack

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Customer Reviews

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Karen Osborn

The barrel trap is by far the best of the two traps. It stinks to high heaven but it does a great job. I just emptied it and it was 1/3 full of dead flies.

Gracewater Farm
Catch is easy, release is difficult

These fly traps are a great design for catching flies. We've used the packets as bait, as well as cucumbers, melons, milk. I think the veggie/fruit guts worked the best.
When it's time to empty the trap, that's when you run into difficulties. The hole gets plugged up constantly with the dead bodies. The chickens love the flies, but it took 10-15 minutes to get them all out, squeezing and pushing them through the opening.

Bye Bye Flys

Super impressed with our new fly traps...the ease of use, durability and terrific suggestions from The Ranch Fly Trap team. Thankssss

Vincent Wincelowicz
Best Traps Ever

I have alpacas and goats, these traps have keep the flys off them all summer.

David Carpenter
Awesome product!

Unbelievable how these things work I cannot believe the amount of flies I was catching! Everything they said about this product is true I'm definitely buying it again if you have not tried it definitely get one well worth the money.